Thursday, June 3, 2010

Clayflections Studio

It is often said:

"out with the old and in with the new"

In the case of Clayflections Studio, the old has simply transfered to the new

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From the Earth For the Earth

Peace, Joy and Firecakes*~*


Shazieh Gorji

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Sleeping under the night sky, digging for clay in the Hingol River and camping in the rural regions of Pakistan, I become part of the landscape and the landscape a part of me. My Ceramic Artworks, too, lend themselves to such sensibilities. 3D Travelogues of sorts,these works document the journey, the people encountered, observations, interactions and an array of characterestics- in clay. A graduate of Bennington College, I have been influenced by its self-directed educational philosphy coupled by an inter-disciplinary curriculum. Contemporary Ceramic practices fused with the Handmade Movement make for a commitment to clay and art making. Colourful plastic vessels may be in demand but only those who have experienced- or are curious enough to experience, the joys of a uniquely crafted bowl, mug or platter will always support artists who are engaged in a organic process. I hope you enjoy traveling with me on my blog, as much as i enjoy sharing the process with you. Critical feedback is always helpful and welcome. If you wish to inquire about a particular process or piece of work, do email me: Carpe Diam


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